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Check back soon when I show you the many results of my new spray paint addiction

odd candleholder makeover
odd candle holder makeover


This odd candle holder has sort of been a running joke between my husband and myself. It belonged to him before we got married and I’ve tried several times over the last 12.5 years to get rid of it either by donating it or selling it in a garage sale, but needless to say it survives my attempts. I’ve now decided to embrace it as something quirky and fun to makeover. Stay tuned to see the spray paint and tile (yes tile) makeover.



terrarium makeover
terrarium makeover

Here’s another item I’ve decided to makeover with spray paint. It is pretty and rustic as it is right now, but it sits in my office with books in it and I just felt as though it needed some color. It will probably hold the same purpose after the spray paint, but who knows if it turns out to be too pretty to leave in my office all alone.



I have several other spray paint makeovers to complete as well, so I hope you’ll visit again soon to check out the progress.