peppy pattern painted powder room

Here’s my very first home diary entry! I’m thrilled to finally being sharing my home with all of you out there. I’ve enjoyed so many home decorating, organizing, cleaning, DIY blogs and I just felt compelled to join the conversation.

I’ve been dreaming up this project for a few months now and finally had a good chunk of time to devote to the painting.

Here are the before pictures.

We’ve lived in this house for about a year and half so there are plenty ideas and projects I have planned for all over the  home for the coming months and years, but I wanted to start with the powder room because it’s most likely the 1 room in the house (other than the kitchen) that guests will visit if they come for a get together. I love statement making powder rooms. I think of it as a little jewel box that you can surprise those who come to visit. When you search “powder rooms” on Pinterest, you can easily find an eclectic mix of wall art and colors and patterns used all at once in these small spaces. A little something unexpected if you like. Here are 3 examples of powder rooms I was particularly inspired by.  powder room 1  powder room 2  powder room 3

For my little jewel box, I chose to paint the room with an emerald green color from Sherwin Williams. A bold color for a small space, but as I’ve titled this post, a peppy color choice and definitely unexpected. I’m also known for being unable to just paint a room. I’m in love with stripes and patterns created with paint. I so wish I had a few pictures of rooms I did in my previous home, but I guess since writing a blog wasn’t yet a thought in my head, I just didn’t.

Anyway, without further delay, here’s my newly “peppy pattern painted powder room.” (Try saying that 3 times fast.) I love it even more than I love alliteration. 🙂

I’ve left space to add more wall art as I find new pieces, so eventually the walls will be a bit more covered. I also want to add 2 wall to wall shelves over the toilet in place of the “Parapluie Revel” poster to add some additional variety in the decor and textures, but alas I ran out of time in light of the interesting contortions I had to get into to get the ladder wedged over the toilet to complete painting in that small space. “Parapluie-Revel” won’t go away though. I’ll just move it to another spot in the room because parapluie is 1 of my favorite French words. (It’s just so much fun to say.) So without the shelves it might seem a bit strange that I hung the large silver disc over the poster, but I needed place holders in the meantime. I also would like to add crown molding and quite possibly gold leaf to the ceiling, either to the whole ceiling or something of an outline. Can you picture it with me? All in due maybe we can call this stage 1 of the powder room and you’ll have to stay tuned for stage 2.

Thank you for taking a look. I hope you feel some inspiration to create your own little jewel box somewhere in your own home.

until next time,


P.S. I will very soon give you a tour of my whole house so you can see the current state of things 🙂

P.S.S. I apologize for some of the darnkness in the pictures. I did edit them to make them brighter but for some reason it did not translate when I uploaded them. Clearly i need photoshop and will work on that going forward. You can see brighter pictures on Pinterest if you visit me there – Laurie Guzman Along These Lines Design.

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