Home Tour Part 2

Hello again. 

Here’s part 2 of my home tour since the weather finally cooperated long enough, this will cover the rest of the house and I can move on to new exciting things such as Autumn decorating, DIY projects, cookies, crafts, etc. Let’s begin in the Dining Room.

Dining Room

Dining Room 1

So many pretty windows – love, love, love. Clearly this room is a sunny spot in our home. It’s nowhere near put together completely, but there are lots of ideas swirling around in my head.

Dining Room 2

We’ve only lived in this house for a little under 2 years. 8 months after we moved in, a huge Pine tree in the backyard fell across the house, destroying our patio and poking a few holes in the the Dining Room, the Family Room, and even a bit in our bedroom and then the rain that continued added to the overall shock of the situation. Mind you this was 2 days before we were to leave for California on vacation. Well long story short, everything was fixed overtime and there were a few silver linings in the end, such as paint in several main areas of the house! Painting I didn’t have to do! (We did still go on vacation.)

Dining Room 3

The Dining Room is painted in Sherwin Williams’ Dorian Gray (which I loved the name because I’m an English major and this was a very literary name) and the ceiling is painted Sherwin Williams’ Black Fox. I felt confident that the Dining Room could handle the dark ceiling with all the light pouring through the windows and I thought it would highlight the tray ceiling and molding nicely.

I love my dining table, although you will notice there aren’t chairs. LOL We do have 2 chairs, but I use 1 in my office most of the time, and I don’t want them all to match, so as soon as I find some that speak to me, I’ll get them. In the meantime, I haven’t actually hosted a dinner so no problem there. The table held all the party food at the Christmas party we did have though and it was great.

The small China cabinet belonged to my husband’s grandparents. At our last house, we had a very skilled neighbor who added molding to the bottom and the top to give it a little more umph and I painted it, but it needs to be repainted so that’s on the “To Do” list.

Bar Cart 1

I know bar carts are trendy right now, and I couldn’t help but jump on that bandwagon. It adds sparkle to the room don’t you think? I will use it for sure at our next Christmas party this year. I need a buffet for the recessed area and I want some other kind of console/chest on the other wall. Lot’s to do, but I’m not complaining, I’m excited!

Family Room

Family Room 1

We can move into the Family Room now. What’s the difference between Family Room, Living Room, and Den? I have no idea really.  

The room is painted in Sherwin Williams’ Dovetail. 

Family Room 2

My son probably spends the most time in here because he can spread out his toys, and the couch is big and comfortable and well his video game system is currently hooked up in here. I have noticed that we seem to want to be in this room when we don’t feel well. (The 3 of us lived in here when we all got sick with the flu and strep throat our first Christmas here. No party to christen the house with that year :(.)

I think the color is calming, peaceful, and to us the room has an enveloping blanket-like feel. So while the Keeping Room is quite cozy, this room is loved just as much. (You might notice me using the word “cozy” often. I think it is the one quality my family likes most in our home so I apologize if I overuse it at times. “Cozy” also allows me to blame my throw pillow addiction and blankets everywhere on it. I just want to be comfortable wherever I go in this house and I want others to be as well.)

Family Room Fireplace and Mantle

You’ll notice there is another fireplace and mantle in here. Sometimes I think it is a little amusing that my home has 2 fireplaces when I swear I live in the hottest city, in the hottest state in the country. Didn’t winter last about 3 days last year? I must admit though, I relish the double decorating opportunities provided with 2 fireplaces and 2 mantles. It helps with my indecisiveness sometimes, especially during the holidays – do I decorate with a more casual look, or do I decorate with sparkle and glitz? Both!!


One last comment about this room is the “Isolabella” hanging up. My husband had this when I met him hanging at the end of the long entryway into his loft. I was impressed and  I tease him that I married him for this piece of art. It’s a fairly famous vintage print by Capiello, but this 1 was put on surfboard material, which is decidedly unique and a conversation piece we enjoy.


Foyer 1

So I realized after I posted Home Tour Part 1 that I did not start in the Foyer. I guess because we always come in through the garage and the laundry room, I momentarily forgot that it might make more sense to start at the front door, but oh well.

Stairs and Gallery Wall

The Dovetail paint color was carried into this area since the walls connect and it would have been odd and choppy to consider doing otherwise. Again a lot of light pours in through the window over the front door, so it doesn’t actually look dark in here. I hope it looks inviting when someone walks in. (That’s the adorable CJ.)

Console 2

I’m very seriously considering painting this console a color, when I finally feel strongly about what that color should be. I’m thinking a dark blue, a light grey, or a creamy white, or actually I’ve even thought something similar to that green color I painted in my powder room. Any thoughts? I would welcome some ideas or votes. (Where you going CJ?)

Foyer 2

I think this Foyer needs another console of some sort or maybe even a bench to balance out the stairway, gallery wall, and the current console. We do have another very large vintage print to frame and we know it will hang on that big blank wall, which also means that whatever console is put underneath it will have to balance the look of the giant print above it as well.


I love that the builder painted the ceiling Sherwin Williams’ Aviary Blue.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom 1

Before we head upstairs, let’s take a look at my bedroom.

The room is painted in Sherwin Williams’ Mink. I’m going to use the word cozy again to describe the paint color, but I’ll venture to add the word sophisticated as well. What do you think? This room still feels like a blank canvas to me, but I’m looking forward to painting that canvas.

Master Bedroom 2

It’s a common idea around here that if I could sleep in a coffin, I would. I like it pitch black when I sleep. This color helped with that, as well as the dark curtains and blackout liners. Unfortunately, I don’t open the curtains in here normally because I would have to arrange them just so again each night, plus this room is the warmest room in the house, so we try to keep it as cool as possible all day so it’s cool at night. Remember, I live in hotness.

Master Bedroom 3

Master Bedroom Ceiling

Aviary Blue on the ceiling in here, which adds to the calm feeling in here and I think balances out the darker walls nicely.

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom 1

You know what my favorite thing about this bathroom is? The answer is storage! Count the drawers and cabinets besides the linen closet which is deep. There are actually empty drawers. My organizational heart loves knowing there are empty drawers. LOL

Master Bathroom 2

There might be little updates to this room soon. We do have plans for adding white tile on the vanity wall up to the ceiling and I would like to change out the tile around the bathtub and shower, but that’s not for a bit still. Painting of course will happen soonish, but again I have to decide on a color. 

Master Bathroom 3

(I’m not showing you the closet on the other side of the pocket door. It’s not a disaster, but it’s a closet – enough said.)

My Office

Office 1

My office is about the only room I’m going to show you upstairs.

Office 6


The office is painted in Sherwin Williams’ Daydream.


I love this place. I love everything about it. It’s light and bright and colorful, and cozy. (I do believe cozy can be created in a bright room and a darker room. It’s all in the details.)

Office 4

Lots of creativity has flowed in this room, and I believe there is lot’s more to be discovered in here.

I have a Masters in English Literature, so books are precious treasures to me, but for the life of me I can’t seem to decorate with them. They may not look particularly pretty in here, but I can’t put them away just because they aren’t color coordinated and make things look a bit cluttered. They are ME. Having them around me reminds me of many things and they comfort me and motivate me, and inspire me. (I can get a little emotional talking about them truth be told.)

Office 5

This room is rarely this tidy. I’m sure many of you have craft rooms or craft spots and you know what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t have it any other way though, right? For these pictures, I had to temporarily put away several yards of fabric for projects I am working on, put away my sewing machine, put away half-finished canvas art projects, frames, ribbon, fall decor, extra throw pillows, miscellaneous decor waiting for its future home to be ready, you name it. 

I have to show you a close up of one of my favorite paintings. 


Jack and Jill Bathroom

Jack and Jill Bathroom 1

Patiently waiting its turn for a makeover. Most importantly right now, it saves me from having to walk downstairs. LOL

Jack and Jill Bathroom 2

Son’s Room and Bathroom

One brief picture to show you his room and the attached bathroom. On second thought, his room is a disaster so no picture today. LOL He rarely comes in here except to sleep believe it or not. It’s just not his way to come play in his room. He drags whatever toys he needs downstairs to play. Someday though, when he’s a teenager or if we ever decide to put a TV in here before he’s a teenager (doubtful kid) he will probably hang out in here more and then I will wish he were dragging toys downstairs still. When he does decide to spend more time in there, I think that’s when we will make more of an effort to decorate it for him. (I did paint his last bedroom really cool and set the room up really nice, but even that didn’t really make him want to be in there.) 

There is a 3rd bedroom up here, but I’m not even giving you a peak at that. It’s literally a garage sale holding tank right now. Eventually it will become something of a man cave for my husband’s collections and a place for our son to play video games with his friends.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Back downstairs is the laundry room. It’s super tiny. I’m not sure what the builder was thinking, but at least he put in some decent storage. I am going to dress it up in here. I want to paint of course, but oh my goodness I dread, dread, dread, moving the washing machine and dryer in this tight spot to paint behind them. (I want to cry thinking about it and my husband would be crying too if he knew I was thinking about paint in here.) Poor little CJ would panic the first couple of weeks when we would leave and he scratched up the door, which means if nothing else the door is going to get repainted.

Well that concludes the tour. Thank you for sticking it out with me. Come back soon. I have lots of little projects to show you, and FALL decorating – my favorite!



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