Home Tour Part 1

I’d like to introduce you to my home.  Well at least a little bit of it today anyway.  I tried to photograph all of it this past weekend but the photo shoot was basically rained out causing lighting issues.  Thus for now, here is the Keeping Room, the breakfast area, and the kitchen (because I’m dying to get this blog up and running and can’t let weather delays get in the way.)

Keeping RoomIMG_1458 Some of you may know what a Keeping Room is, but like me,some of you may not. I didn’t until we first looked at buying this home.


If you Google “What is a Keeping Room,” you will find the Merriam-Webster definition is “a common room (as in a colonial house) usually used for multiple purposes.” You will also find an article on candysdirt.com describing the Keeping Room as “a multi-use room attached to the kitchen or open to it, complete with a fireplace for coziness and warmth.” Candy Evans adds “it’s either an old-time concept that adds depth and a place for more activity to modern kitchens, or a great excuse to extend the kitchen even more. And another sofa to get crumbs on.” Well the sofa in our Keeping Room definitely gets crumbs on it.

This room is one of the main reasons we purchased this house. It definitely gave off the cozy vibe we love even before we put any furniture in it. There wasn’t any question that this room would perfectly fit the closeness we share watching TV and movies together, playing games, and giving that always needed extra room for when friends and family are over and everyone wants to hang out in the kitchen. 

Breakfast Area


You can see the breakfast area flows from the Keeping Room. I think my very first Pin on Pinterest all those years ago, was of a chalkboard wall and I’ve been dreaming of having the perfect place for one of my very own. I painted this wall in the breakfast area with chalkboard paint about 6 months ago, just in time to put Easter/Spring drawings all over it. I have yet to draw anything after that little spurt on it. LOL


I’m not sure I’m in love with the chalkboard wall. It has nothing to do with the black color, I love that and I think it goes great in my home. I just don’t seem to have the motivation to change out drawings all the time so I’m not sure what the point is, so the jury is out on whether the wall stays as is or not. I have considered painting it the light gray chalkboard color, which I guess seems strange since I just said I don’t have any regrets about the black color. My husband has given me a great idea for the wall that I will highlight in my fall tour soon, so the chalkboard is safe for another few months. 


Also, you might notice the curtains in the window don’t look quite finished. Well I’ve had quite the dilemma about what to do for window coverings here. Actually, I take that back, I’ve known all along that Roman Shades would look great, but I’ve been unwilling to pay for custom made ones, and unwilling to make my own. But after buying different curtains  and returning them and thinking I would make the current curtains into tie up shades, I finally decided I was just going to have to bite the bullet and take the time to make Roman Shades. Of course I did a Pinterest search and lo and behold I found a no sew option!!! Fabric is on order and should arrive any day now and keep your fingers crossed I can knock out that project in a weekend. I’m very excited.

On another note, I got it into my head that I really wanted an Aloe Vera plant in the center of the table and it took some time looking, but I found the perfect one at the grocery store a month ago and I’m just pleased as punch every time I look at it. Sometimes it’s the little things, am I right?

Here’s a close up. 



No surprise, the kitchen flows from the breakfast area. I really like my kitchen (even thought it’s not white, which I sort of always wanted, but this one is great). I do eventually want to change out the backsplash to white tiles of some sort, subway tiles, or quatrefoil tiles, or hexagon, just something white and I want to take them all the way up to the ceiling at least on the one main wall with the window shown here. I still think it’s a snazzy, cozy kitchen as is though.



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