Football Themed Chalkboard Wall for Fall

Once upon a time I couldn’t have cared less about football. But then I married a Red Raider.

The change didn’t happen overnight and my husband was in no way pushy at all about watching football. We were married about 2 years before we bought our first home together and I guess we were too wrapped up in each other and doing whatever that I didn’t even notice how much of a fan he was. I mean he did always wear a Texas Tech visor and look adorable in it, but as I said he wasn’t pushy.

Our first fall season in our new home though, things started to change. Of course I was painting a room, my upstairs office, with about 5 different colors of stripes I might add (the stripes obsession begins), and my husband was also upstairs in our small game room watching Texas Tech. As I was trying to keep straight lines, I would hear yells of frustration, whoops of joy, the loud band, the loader fans and the commentators commentating. This started to be our normal Saturday routine for a few weeks. When you aren’t actually in the same room seeing the action unfold, you can’t help but clue in on the commentators and I’m an opinionated individual and slowly but surely I couldn’t help but have to go and look at the TV every once in a while and start asking questions. Well, that was the end of being a passive observer, an innocent bystander, my curiosity got the better of me and I was hooked.  It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of the fans in the stands and in my husband’s enjoyment in explaining everything to me.  The following year, I bought tickets to a Texas Tech v ATM football game. I was in my first trimester and went to the game in the heat with seats way up high. I didn’t feel so well after walking from the car to the stadium and decided to sit in the air conditioned first aid room for a bit. When I finally joined my husband in the stands, all the folks around me cheered and were super nice and thought I must be a great football fan to let my husband watch the game while I sat in the first aid center alone. I scored some big brownie points that day and my husband loves telling that story and I love that he loves telling it. (Texas Tech won by the way.)

I think I’ve come a long way over the last 10 years with this football thing, which leads me to our homage to football included in our fall decor. I have to give my husband credit for suggesting this idea. But once he did, I couldn’t help but run with it. So for our home, fall means pumpkins, changing leaves, cozy evenings watching our favorite fall shows under cozy blankets, Thanksgiving, and absolutely football.

Football Themed Chalkboard Wall


I made the bunting/pennant using leftover fabric from the shades in the windows here and included scrap fabric in the colors of our favorite teams in the streamer part. You can see the Texans, University of Houston, and Texas Tech logos on the sides. (My husband asked me to include the Oilers as well for nostaIgia.)

Football Themed Chalkboard Wall


I also drew yard lines from top to bottom and of course the most favorite word in football “TOUCHDOWN.” And last but not least, and actually my favorite part, I found some drawings of plays on the internet and included those down the middle.

Football Themed Chalkboard Wall


I know that football may not be your thing, and that’s perfectly fine (I promise you would still be welcome at my house.) But I will say that letting myself get wrapped up in it has been a fun thing for my husband and I to enjoy together, and it’s also a fun thing to invite friends over to watch. It’s not like watching a movie. With football you can be mildly engaged or actively engaged and everyone can have a good time together, so for that I’m thankful, like any good Texas girl, for football.

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