About Me


My name is Laurie and I live in Spring, Texas with the 2 people who entertain me most in this world, my handsome and hard-working husband, Ruben, and our lovable, fun-loving, clever, and hilarious 9 year-old son, Alejandro. We also recently adopted a rescue pup. He’s an adorable Beagle mix named CJ.
I love to obsess about my home and decorating it, and decorating it, and decorating it. Did I mention decorating it? I always have some project planned for my weekends, big or small, or both. I enjoy reading many blogs by others also into decorating, organizing, and DIYing their homes, and I felt inspired to share my home as well. Home is my favorite place to be. It’s the place I feel most like myself, the place I feel most inspired, the place I feel the safest. While I do have dreams to travel to many places in the future, there will never be a place like home.
Starting this blog is also a way for me to indulge in my love of writing and journaling, which is 1 of the reasons for the name “Along These Lines,” as in the lines of a journal. The name also comes from my habit of generally being unable to “just” paint a room. I’m usually imagining some kind of stripes or pattern in which i will have to do a lot of additional taping and measuring and then touching up when the paint bleeds through and the lines look fuzzy. 🙂 I can’t help myself though. If you take a look over time, you might also notice I’m obsessed with baskets, colored glass, and throw pillows.
My family and I have lived in our home for about a year and half at this point. I think I’ve done a lot to our home, but of course my vision for it is never-ending (and why would I want it to be because it’s so much and satisfying to create this wonderful place we call home). Lots of ideas and projects are on the horizon, so I hope you’ll join me from time to time and check out the progress.
until next time,
P.S. I will very soon give you a tour of the current state of things in our home.